Ketoconazole Cream

Ketoconazole Cream for Treatment of Fungal Acne

Is your acne itchy, but not painful? Are the bumps uniform in size? If so, your acne may be caused by fungal overgrowth (as opposed to bacteria). When fungal overgrowth is the root cause of acne, an antifungal medication like Ketoconazole is the first line of defense. Our Ketoconazole Cream also includes Niacinamide to help reduce redness and inflammation.

$65 for 30ml

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Ketoconazole Cream


Suggested Use:
Wash face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Apply cream to affected and surrounding areas 2 times per day. Continue use for 8-10 weeks, or until skin is clear. Avoid getting ketoconazole cream in your eyes, nose, or mouth. Use only as directed.